Android licence activation not available

For some reason, the option to activate licence was not available at the time of install of APK on device. Then, the usual 3 dots on top right corner are not showing. So I cannot activate my android licence (available on my licence pool). Is there any alternative to do so ? Is it normal ?

Please do open a support desk ticket so one of our agents can take a look at this for you.

Thank you

Go to settings, apps, and then on xibo app you might have an option called UIMODE: it must be set to TV, change to NORMAL.

HI, thanks for answer, I tried but my android player does not offer this option. What solved it is t updated to versin R206 of android player. Here is answer from Xibo support:

If you are using version 2 R206, you may find that you can still access those menu options by connecting a keyboard to your device and clicking the i key to access the status page, the c key to access the connect to CMS wizard and the s key to access the settings menu, also known as the 3 dots menu.

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