Android IP / MAC adress bug

When a new player comes online to add it to the CMS but the IP adress is the same as another xibo client that is currently offline, the CMS get confused and gives an existing player a new name or the new player gets the same name like an already existing player. Or you can see duplicate MAC adresses in the display overview.
Also the springSignagne licensing overview gets confused with duplicate mac adresses or duplicate display names.
This happens with CMS 1.7.8 and android client 1.7 R60 and R61 (probably also with older versions)

You can’t rely on the IP address in the display table unless you are on a local LAN without and NAT traversal (it is just the IP property of the web request made by the client). So that’s not the problem.

Duplicate MAC addresses that might be a problem, for one thing you’d want to make sure all of your devices have unique hardware key (you can adjust it in Xibo for Android settings -> hardware key if necessary)
If your devices are changing MAC address on each reboot and if they are cycling a pool of addresses between them it might cause problems with our licence server.

What you can try is to increase Start delay for device start up, it’s on Display settings page -> edit display profile assigned to your device -> Advanced tab -> Start delay for device start up
increase it to 120 or even more, it might help with the issue.