Android Clients Will Not Display Old Layout (They will display new)

Xibo CMS 1.7.9 / Android Clients (2) 1.7 Version 62

CMS Log Start
16-12-16 01:27:00 Shop - Break Room XMDSSoap4 NotifyStatus {“currentLayoutId”:“0”}
16-12-16 01:26:59 Shop - Break Room XMDSSoap4 NotifyStatus {“availableSpace”:“26252648448”, “totalSpace”:“26638286848”}
16-12-16 01:26:47 Shop - Break Room Client DisplayManager Default Layout failed: canRun Test
16-12-16 01:26:47 Shop - Break Room Client DisplayManager Cannot set the next Layout from the Schedule. Schedule Invalid
16-12-16 01:30:47 Shop - Welding XMDSSoap4 NotifyStatus {“currentLayoutId”:“0”}
16-12-16 01:30:37 Shop - Welding XMDSSoap4 NotifyStatus {“availableSpace”:“24826478592”, “totalSpace”:“26638286848”}
16-12-16 01:30:36 Shop - Welding Client DisplayManager Default Layout failed: canRun Test
16-12-16 01:30:36 Shop - Welding Client DisplayManager Cannot set the next Layout from the Schedule. Schedule Invalid
The errors above are for two new display xibo client systems. Both are the same MiniX version, same Android version, same network and same display group as over a dozen other of the same exact systems that are working fine without the above errors. We have triple checked the time on both units, and both are correct. We have uninstalled and reinstalled the android client - these same errors persist. We did try an entire new layout and that works fine on these two displays, so what could be wrong with the layout? What we do not understand is why the old layout is not able to schedule/display but a new layout can…

Could you check Media inventory for those two displays reporting these errors and see if it reports everything as downloaded or not?

Well, perhaps you are on to something. All of our displays now have a status of ‘x’ and state “Display is downloading new files.” Further, when I view the Media Inventory for each of these two new displays, nearly every media record has a Complete status of ‘Yes’ except for a couple of media ID’s with a Complete status of ‘No’. The items with a Complete status of ‘No’ have a very long ID (like this ‘1894287524’) and do not appear to exist in the Media Library (they are labeled “Resource” which is probably why?). Maintenance is running on schedule, so I am not sure where to go from here.

That’s probably Resource.

Do you have any tickers on this layout?
If you do, could you doublecheck that those tickers still work?

it could be that, those feeds are no longer accessible and that’s why android client has issues with them - as of why it works on other devices, perhaps they are displaying them from cache? (I’m guessing here of course).

Yes, they are working (at least they load fine in a browser? See);

Could you please run them through this
Especially the hartfordbusiness one.

I wonder if that’s causing your player to be unable to download resources from this feed.

Peter, that must be it! Sounds like this would be a cool enhancement to the Ticker App (w3 validation)?

I’m glad if that was the thing causing playback issues.

I’d agree that some kind of integration with this feed validator would be nice.

Could you create a new topic in Features category about it please?
Just so we remember about it and then we will consider it in the future development.

Peter, Well, came up with another resource error even after deleting those that did validate. Same errors persist as in my original post. All feeds validate, I deleted those that did not. Unfortunately the log does not identify which “resource” (in this case, which Ticker?) that is causing the problem (we have multiple). A check of a working display shows that everything is downloaded fine, no errors in the log, same client revisions, same hardware, same network. Not certain why new android clients can not download the same Tickers the old can (at least they are showing no errors). We also have a Forecast IO (that is also working fine on all other displays) - could that be part of the problem on the new ones? Is there a way I can find out which “resource” is blocking schedule/playback on these two new displays? At this point, if Spring Signage thinks they can help, I’m open to paying for remote assistance…

Yeah, forecast and twitter will also be a resource.

Could you perhaps export your layout and send it me? (upload to dropbox and share download link via pm)
Alternatively, create a demo CMS on our hosting and import your layout there.

Perhaps we will be able to recreate your problem.

If your layout will work us fine, then perhaps we can discuss paid remote support via support tickets.

Peter, can’t do dropbox from work but I did manage to email it to support.

We got your layout thanks, now we will have a look at it, although it will need some small edits first (not accessible webpages and no dataset).