Android clients crashing

Have a strange one here.

We recently had a problem with a self hosted docker using synology. We decided to solve this by using Ubuntu server as I found the whole update process was a lot easier. So currently we have the CSM running 1.8.12 and the clients running 18.04.
We have 2 clients running on DSDevices 1 running on a Nvidia Shield and 1 x Windows client.
The problem I have at present is that both the DSDevices will crash after a few hours. This did not happen before we moved the CMS to ubuntu. They are playing the same content as they where before the move so the layout has not changed.
I find that the displays have crashed by checking the CMS and see that they are not logged in. One client is remote but the other is in the same building so I have moved that one to my desk so I can see what its doing. When it says its not logged in i check the clients output on the screen and its playing sort of. for example the weather widget is there but has not updated. The new ticker is playing but again has not updated but the videos that should be playing on a loop are just blank. If I restart the app on the client it says its logged in on the CMS but the screen is just blank. The status says that its logged in but again there is nothing on the screen.

Any ideas?

I suspect your XMR address is wrong and that needs to be corrected.

1.8 R104 certainly won’t like the XMR server not being available.

I’d suggest you upgrade to the latest 1.8 Player release (1.8 R108) as well as fixing the XMR address, and that should resolve the issue.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the quick response as always.

I would have replied sooner but had to go out onsite to a customer. I think that the XMR is correct as far as I can see. Can I update the remote clients from the CMS? never done that before.

The DSCS9 definitely will remote update.

Instructions are in the docs here:

You’ll want to make sure that the Shield box is on a different display profile so that doesn’t try to upgrade too.

Thanks for the update Alex I have done that just waiting for the shield to update its self.

As i Said I think i did the xmr setting correctly it using tcp//

It would need to be tcp:// assuming you have XMR listening on port 9505 and any firewall allowing inbound traffic on that port server side.

The Shield won’t remote upgrade. You’ll have to do that manually I’m almost certain.

You can tell if it’s working by looking at the XMR line on the Player status screen. There’s a date and time after the address. It should be within the last 30 seconds or so. If it’s not, then you have a problem there.

Yup I’ve got the server listening on that port and firewall is open as well. Hopefully it was just a client version thing time will tell I should be able to see if its worked by this evening they usually lasted a few hours before they fell over.

Cheers I will update how it goes.

If you’re missing the : in the address, it won’t work :smiley:

You have tcp// That’s wrong. It must be tcp://

Just a Typo by my fat fingers on here but good eyes for spotting it.

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