Android client tries to download deleted files

Hi. have a issue on some new players…

  1. Connect the player to CMS.
  2. set “Licence Display?” to yes
  3. set a Default Layout.

after this the client starts to download x files that are not part of this layout or have been deleted.

Media Inventory shows what files are not been downloaded
but the client shows that everything is up to date

please see the pics here
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Have tried to clear the data/cache on the Andriod client with no success.

Could you tell us what CMS and player versions are you using?

Presumably those missing media files are no longer in the CMS?
but were there previously and were scheduled to this player as a part of that layout (or other layouts)?

Basically, it may take few cache clears and those files to be no longer required for some time for them to be deleted from the ‘Media inventory’ page, but I don’t think it will try to download any of them if they are no longer required.

Of course if those files are no longer on the layout then they should not be on the requiredFiles list and therefore the player itself will say that it is up to date with everything - I don’t think that should have any negative impact on the current layout playback or are there any issues?

Thanks … Those files where not part of the layout that was running on the screen…

I was also having a issue with ticker and font on layout…

I did go to Menu -> Modules -> Verify All

That seem to fix both issues. But iam not sure if that fixed it or something else.

Thanks for your reply

If those were module files / fonts then indeed verify all most likely fixed that.