Android and supporting of flashplayer

Hello there,
I have a question about Android machins.
We have some limitation in our content. our content is web based. It must running on Google browser with a resolution of 1280-720 . and it need flashplayer.
I’d like to use Android machins and not windows. but Android support not anymore flashplayer, which is a big issu for us to use Android.
Do you know an Android machine which stay support flashplayer?
I need just run Google in fullscreen and with correct URL address.
example :

thank you for your help.

Adobe dropped support for Flash on Android some years ago now so you will need to migrate away from Flash.

In the interim, Xibo for Android will run Flash if your device supports it, however in our experience it tends to be unstable and cause crashes within the Android device itself and so for that reason it’s unsupported.

we are not currently able to migrate away from Flash. So for now i have no choice then to stay use Windows. i will just be sure about.
anyway thx for replay.