Android 5+ support


I’m about to buy more equipments for my company (The recommended devices are difficult to find here in Brazil, so I will experiment the Odroid c2). How is the support to Android Lollipop? Is it fully supported?

Android 5 and 6 should work OK. We’ve actually tested a C2. It seemed to be a bit crashy initially but I suspect that later firmware will resolve that. Also Xibo couldn’t play H265/4K video content. H264 works fine. Again video playback is a function of the device firmware so may be fixed in a later release from Hardkernel

About the c2, what exactly is those crashes are you talking about? The
video plays freeze, or the app crashes and close?

Not necessarily with Xibo running, I got random hard locks and reboots. Not frequently, just occasionally. I couldn’t relate it to heat or the power supply. The C1+ I tested before was much more stable, and has the advantage of a RTC module