Android 1.7.5 Connecting to New CMS, Old Stats Being Transfered

I recently moved an android client from one server to another. Upon doing so, it looks like the unit transferred the statistical data that would had been downloaded to the old server, to the new server. Is this by design, of should the client be clearing its cache and stats when being told to connect to a new server?

The client was version 1.7 R57

Its probably a design hole rather than anything else - there isn’t anything that clears stats when the CMS address is switched.

I’ve made a note of that and will look to address in the next release.

I think that needs to be optional.

I can easily imagine the opposite of this scenario (say where someone has connected to the CMS by IP address and needed to change it) expecting the stats to be returned given it is actually the same CMS just on a different IP.

The same could apply to other things that we do already refresh when changing CMS URL (such as the public/private key). Perhaps the connect wizard should have a check box for “is this a different CMS?”

True, but changing key is non-destructive (worst case is XMR stops working until an admin allows the rekey). Clearing proof of play stats means a potential loss of user data (especially as if the CMS URL changed there’s a good chance that it will have been running offline for some time and will have a considerable queue of playback stats there).

I think a tick box of some description sounds sensbile

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Ok… what if you have a client that you want to replace a unit but would also like to get the stats sent to the CMS before removing the unit, so that you do not loose the proof of play data?

I would propose an option on the Android client for decommissioning a device. This would force the client to upload all stats and what not to the CMS,deregister the unit with the CMS, deregister the license with Spring Signage, clear the cache, remove the CMS registration information, and then shutdown. Changing the hardware key in the process might also be useful.

i’ve added that to the idea - that does represent a larger body of work, so there might be some lower hanging fruit to deal with first