Andriod Client unstable. Does not fully downloads video files


Andriod Client 1.7 R62
CMS 1.7.9
Also tried Android Client 1.7 R63 Pre release but same issue

Its been few days now trying to fix this problem of videos not fully playing and hanging with blank screen. Checking the files in CMS library and client machine it seems that client doesn’t fully downloads the files and CMS shows in media inventory Yes against all files and shows client is up-to date. e.g. In library file size is 25.27MB but on Client it is 25.26MB.

If you add the files one at a time to layout and save it it seems ok but as soon as any change is made to any item on the layout it mess up the other video. I think there is a bug is the clients.

We are also running windows client which is stable and has no problem.

Please can anyone help?


We do have a open support case with another customer with perhaps similar problems, although in their case, the download is about 8-9M out of 30M which obviously is causing problems.

In your case, if the device is up-to date and media inventory is reporting that everything is downloaded, then it might be something different.

Are you changing those videos on the default layout or on scheduled layout?

Hi Peter,

We are changing videos on default layout.