Alway on top for Windows Player 1.8.10 build

I upgraded all my Player from version 1.8.8 to 1.8.10 on all 8 instances and what was use to work without issue is now not working anymore. why?

Program loaded after player does make player window go in background and I am not talking about windows UGA prompts, but any software window is just loading on top of player window.
is it just me facing this issue?

Note: Red marker is player window size and on top another program loaded, it is happening for other softwares as well.

Nothing was changed in that behaviour as far as I know 1.8.10 should be “always on top” as it was in 1.8.8.

The only way to make other applications appear on top of the Xibo player would be to press i on your keyboard, which shows the status window and then indeed other applications can be on top of the player.

I can’t really see if that’s the case from your screenshot though.

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