Alternative way to display Facebook Feed

Hello guys,

my goal is to display facebook posts on my tv, however since there is no facebook plugin I’m asking for an alternative way to achieve this goal. I want to use the Facebook Graph API which allows me to get every facebook post of my page as a json. My next step is to display the json data with xibo. Is there any suggestions how I can achieve that and which Xibo tools I have to use.

I’m new to this which is the reason why I’m a bit confused about my next step. Thanks in advance


I’m not sure what exactly is returned by the Facebook API, but if it’s json and not something you can easily embed, then you could try to importJson to the dataSet via API - there are couple of topics about it on this very site.

If there is an option to get that feed as an embeddable iframe for example, then that could be more straightforward as you could paste the code in the embed html module in Xibo.

Thanks for your reply Peter.
I was also thinking about that, however since the information is not static, the dataSet has to be updated automatically because new posts are made almost every day. Could this cause any problems? Would you still prefer a dataSet or should I create a PHP script/JS script which I handle on my web page and simply display this web page on xibo?