Alternate Browser Support Request

Good Morning, I have a web application that requires Chrome as the browser for it to be viewed in. I have attempted to use Xibo to display this information, however it is not working properly. We have been told that this Web application does not work properly with Internet Explorer and must use Chrome to display properly. Is there anything I can do to switch which browser Xibo uses?

You can’t change the browser Xibo uses I’m afraid. You’ll need to make the website compatible with Internet Explorer 11.

Alex, I am not sure this is possible because IE does not support the tools that this Web Application uses.

Then I’m afraid it can’t be embedded in to the current Windows Player.

You may be able to use Xibo for Android or Xibo for webOS which both use Webkit based browsers.

Is there anything in development to modify the Windows player to handle issues such as this?

It’s anticipated that the next generation Player will use Webkit too, and we’ll be releasing a technology preview of that in the next few weeks, but that won’t be available in the near future.

That will have the opposite issue, you won’t be able to select Internet Explorer - it will only use Webkit.

I don’t see a time where we’ll offer a choice of browser component as it’s too complex.

If I can get my hands on an Android device, I will try the Android version to see if that solves my issue. Thank you for your help Alex.

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