Allow view the layout editor with read access only

Hello Dan,

Hello Dan,

We currently have some layuts we want users to have read access only. Unfortunately the Xibo to set this permission, the user is left without access to view the layout editor.

This could be adjusted?

Currently the permission to view, he only has the schedule now and can not know what this scheduling, to allow access to the layout editor you could at least see what would be scheduled.

Would basically set for permission to view allows the display of the menu that opens the layout editor.

If you do not agree with this change, could guide me where to make this adjustment in the code?

The Layout Designer requires at least Edit permissions, because once you are in the designer you can make changes to the Layout etc.

The Preview should show them what they are scheduling?

I don’t think it can be as simple as showing you where to change that in the code - because it will be referenced in many places (basically you need to give them edit permissions to see the designer).


So that the user can view the layout of the layout, the held the view permission in all regions and let the layout to edit.

It meets the needs, the user leaves better able to add new regions.

Basically it is the following:

With view permission, allow see the editor layout and do not add region.

The preview does not work very well, especially as there are many items in the timeline. The server processing rises too and only mp4 videos are displayed.

We chose to disable the preview, since the “effect” to show only videos mp4 is seen as a bug by the customer.

This problem is related to the layouts of public content we offer. Sports, economy and others, you just want to see what’s layout and its content. We can not enable the preview because it is seen as a problem by the user and affect the server performance.

Please if you have any other ideas or alternative appreciate.

I see what you are saying - but I don’t think that an issue with the preview functionality should be a reason for changing functionality in another area of the product.

I’m not sure viewing the layout designer with view only permissions is a bad idea - @alex ?

I can see a use case for a designer with view only permissions but this is the first time I’ve heard the requirement come up so it’s certainly not a priority at present.

OK, i’ve this to the Features Category

Hi Dan.

It is possible that the User view the layout but can not see the options “Add Region” and “Background Properties”? Just can schedule it, preview layout and so on.

Like the imae below.


Not yet - but that is what we are discussing in this category :smile: