Allow user to change duration


firstoverall thanks for the great job done.

We are in a last step of tuning the Xibo displaying, and i’ve question :smile:

I created an user to allow key user to update Media file when they want to publish new information (in this case powerpoint), but unfortunatly I can’t find a way to allow them to adapt the duration time of the Media.

How can I do it ?

thanks in advance,

Guillaume Mainil

Hi Guillaume,

So, you will need either this user to be owner of the file and layout (and regions on the layout), the easiest way would be for this user to create new layout and upload new file.
Or make this user a super admin, then he will be able to modify it too.

It should work, you see in 1.7 user needs “modifyPermission” to change media durations, only an owner and super admin have this permission.

There is no duration ‘lock’ like this in 1.8, basically whole permission system was reworked a bit and is more user friendly.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your quick answer.

If I set the user as the owner of the layout he’ll be also able to change other things (like region size ect … ?)

the idea here is to fix the layout (prevent to any change) and only give access to the user to update their powerpoint (including duration)

Yeah as a owner (or Super admin) user will be able to change pretty much everything in this layout.

So basically to change duration of a media file, user will have to be the owner of that media file (ie he will need to upload it to CMS).

Then he will be able to update/change/delete that media file(including duration), but won’t be able to update it on a layout so you could try to:

  • Give him view and edit permission to whole layout (with Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media. checkbox ticked)
  • Set menu/page security permissions like you would normally do(ie with access to layouts and media etc), but in menu security -> top nav don’t give him permission to 'layouts’
    So he will be the owner of the media file, he will have permissions to modify the layout with that media, but he won’t be able to access layouts page to change more stuff.
    Now if that user will want to update that media file, he will go to library->media page and just edit that media file, upload new version of it and check both checkboxes:
  • Update this media in all layouts it is assigned to?
  • Delete the old version?

It should work and this user won’t be able to mess with other stuff on the layout, I hope you’ll like this solution.

As a side note
If you would go with Option1(which we recommend) then you could set the video duration to 0 (whole video) so you won’t need to change that every time you make new presentation.