Allow End User To Update File To Update Menu

We are using the signage in a common area that will ultimately show various content. One of the main things it will show is the dining room daily menu. It seems like it would be too challenging to teach the kitchen manager to use the system and expect him to update it daily by logging into Xibo. Instead, I think it would be quite useful to have him update a text file or something on the share drive and have Xibo pull from there, format and display the content.

I know this is possible. Does anyone have any ideas or examples on how to make this as easy as possible for the kitchen staff to easily update the daily dining room menu items for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner?

Thank you fro your message. It may be that other members of the Community have a suggestion for your that you might prefer but a dataset is one possible solution to your issue.

You could create a dataset (non remote) that has a column for the menu items and another for the prices for example. Then you can create a Layout that has a Ticker or Dataset View widget which will display the menu item followed by the price.

What’s great about doing it this way is that you could create a User profile in your CMS that only has basic access to the Dataset option and View and Edit Permissions. The kitchen staff could log in, change the menu items and their price in the Dataset and save to confirm. This changes will then update on the Menu Layout.

For more information, please see the Dataset and Permissions documentation below:

There are many possible ways to create the setup you are looking for but I hope this one helps give you an idea as to how to do it. I also encourage other members of the Community to come forward with their suggestions.

Many Thanks.


Luckily they don’t need to worry about prices. It’s for a skilled nursing facility, so the patients don’t pay extra.

I’ll check out the datasets option.

So this DatasetView module seems quite useful. I can’t quite figure out how to get the table to center in the region. In the attached screenshot, the red is where the region goes. I added that red box with the screenshot tool, it’s not actually like that.

What CSS items do I add to get the table to either center or fill up the region?Screenshot_5

Never mind, I fiddled with it and got it to work. I used the precise sizes of px instead of percent and it worked better for our situation.

Great news, it sounds like the Dataset was the best way to create the Layout you were looking for, and should be easy for the staff to update.

Also glad to hear that you were able to correct the styling to get the formatting you were looking for.

Many Thanks.