All scheduled video don't play except default display

Hi all,

I have a problem with my xibo,
I’m using 2 cms (v1.8) with 6 Android TV display (Sony Bravia).
The thing is all materials I scheduled never played back by the tv.
I also set the default layout to display a short video.
The default layout is updated promptly without any issues.
strangely this is not the case with the scheduler.

my schedule is :

  1. playback a 13 min long video every 45 minutes for 30 days
  2. playback a 6 min log video every 30 minutes for 30 days

any of the video above played back in the tv.
I don’t see anything wrong with the log…

any suggestions?

Try to schedule as always, set download time as 00:00-23:59, remove Blackilst video from display settings, upload videos to local folder in tv and play them as local video in xibo, use cms server time, set higher play order, check log in player (go to status)

hi @TUISTERa, if I put the schedule to always, doesn’t that mean that the campaign will not be expired and I need to update them manually? Anyway currently I’m trying out your solution

This is not solution, this is searching for the problem.

Hi fienan_rahardianto. I wondered if you had an update on your issue and what the results are of the tests TUISTERa suggested?

Could you also confirm if this issue has always been the case? Does the issue only occur with videos or other media types?

It would also be helpful to see a screenshot of your Status logs from the Player itself. You may need to obscure the CMS address and other information that you do not wish to make public.

Many Thanks.

Hi @DanBW ,

Actually I haven’t been able to do all what @TUISTERa suggested yet. I still can’t find a way to show Android menu in the tv (due to limited available input device).

Initially this didn’t happen when I first setup the server & display environment, but I didn’t check since when this happened. the behaviour is impacting all my TV display and on 2 CMS i setup (strange). but I did check a little bit on the storage used by the APK is around 600mb+. This occurs with both video (MP4) and image.

As for the Status logs, how can I get it?


Thanks for the update on the issue. Unfortunately some Android TVs have been known to cause an issue where it is not possible to access the menu settings after they have been set up. We would recommend a device running a full version of Android as opposed to Android TV to avoid this behaviour.

There is an alternative method for returning the Status logs from an Android Player, using your CMS instead. You can find the instructions in the below documentation:

Many Thanks.

Thanks for your guide @DanBW,
here’s the screenshot based on the guide you provided:

Thank you for the status screenshot. I suspect the issue is that your device running the Player thinks it is 19/1/2015. This means that any Events you schedule will not appear, as the Player will think they are due to show in many years time. I would first recommend correcting that to the current date and restarting the device to ensure the changes are set.

Once you restart the Player, can you provide a new Status screenshot showing the time and date are correct?

Many Thanks.

Thank you very much for pointing this out @DanBW!
indeed after a quick check, the time indeed misconfigured. and this also applies to other displays I have.
I will see whether this is the real cause of my problem.

Thanks a lot!

Thank you for the update and glad to hear you have checked your other Displays in case they also have the same issue. I’ll wait to hear from you on how setting the correct time, date and time zone effects the issue.

Many Thanks.

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