All layouts invalid - no region empty


i have set up a testing environment with Xibo Server 1.7.1 and both a windows and an android client. The windows client plays the campaign just fine, while the android client (1.7 R53) displays “Layout xx cannot run as it has a region without any media assigned”

I double checked every layout and every region - no region is empty and i am not using flash or powerpoint - just text, images and video. The client shows no downloads pending.

Log on the server view says “The Schedule has not been downloaded yet.”

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance

(sorry if i missed any important helpful information - please let me know)

Initially send down one layout rather than the campaign. Then try another layout until you work out which is problematic.

Also ensure that the time is correct on your device.

Failing that, post a screenshot of the client status screen please.

Thanks for your help, alex!

Although i set the correct time during the initial setup, the time-zone was reset again… So after fixing that, everything seems to work fine - thanks for pointing me towards that again!