Alerts about "player downloading files too many times" (Xibo 1.8)

I’ve got players regularly saying that it’s “downloading a file too many times”. This seems to happen when people make updates to “live” layouts, I’ve traced it down to the data in requiredfile table which doesn’t seem to get reset either after an alert is sent -OR- after the layout is updated. The alerts repeat every 24 hours even though the players have been playing the layouts without errors or changes for over 48 hours.

I’m running against the latest Xibo on Github without resolution.

When a file is assigned to a Player, a record is created for it, and the CMS then tracks how much bandwidth is consumed vs what is expected.

Once the Player has downloaded the file once, it shouldn’t need to download it again, and so you would expect the bandwidth consumed for a single file to be the size of the file only.

If however the CMS sees the Player download the file multiple times, it will trigger that alert since in normal operation it shouldn’t happen.

You should check the Players themselves to see if there’s any issue with their communication with the CMS, or with the storage they are writing to for their local library.

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