Ajax Request Fail

I have noticed a problem that has been stressing me out, and I am not sure if the issue is with the web site, IE11 or Xibo’s client side player (1.8.9 Windows).

How to create the problem
Create a simple layout that shows a picture/text for 5 seconds and then shows the following web site for 10 seconds. https://webapps.qlik.com/CIO/index.html#/management/ On the player, you will notice that after 3-5 cycles the website doesn’t show the content anymore.

I need to know if the problem is with the web site, an IE11 setting, or Xibo itself.

Could you watch the Windows Task Manager for RAM usage when this page plays in Xibo?
I wonder if it consumes to much of it or caused memory leak in IE for example.

You could also enable auditing on the player to see if it comes back with error related to the webpage.

If it is web socket problem in IE, then Xibo has no control over that, however you may be able to make some adjustments in the Windows registry in that regard.

Lastly, were you able to recreate the problem with the link I shared or were you just throwing out suggestions?

I will watch the RAM. I will enable auditing on the player, but I have looked at it before. I don’t recall seeing an error. I believe there is no error because the page is loading, but the ajax calls on the page are failing after some time. I will look again.

I think your suggestion of the registry edit might be a good place to look, but I don’t know what to adjust in there. Could you please be a little more specific? For this reason, I have shared the link for others to easily recreate the problem.