AJAX not working within embeded HTML in Android player

Hi all,

I’m trying to retrieve a simple value from javascript in embeded HTML using Ajax but the request always results in error with status response 0.

I can see in the server’s log that the GET request is effectively made.

Any advice?


I guess I should have provided more info.

This is a very simple test code that works fine in preview but yields “st: 0 error” when executed within Xibo Android 1.7.57 (also tried 1.7.59 with same result).

Module: Embeded Html

HTML Section

<p style="color: red;" id="msg">PLACEHOLDER</p>

HEAD Section

<script type="text/javascript">
function EmbedInit()
// Init will be called when this page is loaded in the client.

$.ajax ("http://xiboserver/serverAjax.php", {
type: "get",
dataType: "text",
success: function ( data, sts, xhr ) { $("#msg").text("success"); },
error: function ( xhr, sts, ex ) { $("#msg").text("st: " + xhr.status + " " + xhr.statusText); },