Agenda or menu with description

A dataset contains a conference agenda with meeting titles, descriptions, start and end times, and a formula combining the start and end times into a single string.

The client wants a display similar to this two-column table:

A dataset view easily provides a three-column layout, but we want the title and description in the same column.

A ticker single view does not allow multiple agenda items in the same table.

I hope that someone can suggest a way to format the agenda. I imagine that restaurant signage has a similar problem: menu items and their description in one column and the prices in another column.


I think ticker would be easier for you in this case.

If you select an effect (ie single mode) you can actually force it to display more than one item from the dataSet.
On ticker edit -> format tab -> Items per page
you can enter 4 there (as per your example) and it will show 4 records on one page.