AGAIN ! no download link for CMS windows version without docker

once more…

on your site you support only download links to xibo with docker. I dont use docker, I dont want to use docker, I dont need docker.
My xibo runs on xampp for years.

to download the new 1.8.11 or older versions (see my posting for uprade fail 1.8.2 to 1.8.11) the only way is the installation manual and find a link to github there.

I think, there are many users that are not using docker. you should place a proper link.

We don’t recommend that people install without Docker, and I’ve gone in to great detail as to why that is.

If we don’t recommend it, then why would we signpost people to something that is harder and will end up with them coming to us needing support to proceed?

If you want to do something custom, then you are very welcome to do so, and we provide you with everything you need to do that. We’re not going to push people to that however as it’s essentially impossible for us to provide them any reasonable support if they go that route, and that’s not what we’re about.

I am sorry but I do not agree with you.
Knowing your recomendation to use docker for cms Installation I dont think that the Installation on xampp or wamp is harder and Needs more support. Searching in support threads, issues in instalation xibo with docker is Pretty often also.
Reading your Websites you can find something like “Installation without Docker is also possible” (site getting started) or in user Manual CMS Installation “XIBO on a webserver”.
what I mean is your hiding some link to your git for download the file

It is demonstrably harder.

To get ZeroMQ and sendfile working on XAMPP you have to download binaries from unknown and untrusted sources who publish these on Github or other webpages. We can’t advocate people doing so as those could do anything.

If you wish to make those choices you are welcome to do so. The manual covers in detail how to do a custom installation if you want to do that. It’s not our suggestion however.

I’m sorry that you don’t agree, but we see alot of users with XAMPP and almost always their install is broken badly because they have not done all the required steps to do the installation correctly, and then complain that the CMS doesn’t work properly.