After Upgrade Xibo CMS to 1.8 from 1.7.9 Not able to login

I had install Xibo CMS version 1.7.9 in PHP 5.6 on my local system. I am able to access full CMS by logged in using credentials that I have provided at the time of installation. But After some days As per requirement, I want to upgrade my CMS from 1.7.9. to 1.8. I have copied my settings.php file and also export my current database. Then I have replaced all files from CMS version 1.8 zip file to my current xibo1.7.9 installed. I am asking for re-install I have done this also with new DB. But After successful installation, I am not able to login to CMS. I am redirected to the login page only. can anyone help me to solve this issue? When I have debug my cms code I found that token is not found from session while checking for token in login function. there is no error display on login screen or no error log is generated.

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