After upgrade to 1.7.4 user is unable to modify regions

I succesfully upgraded to 1.7.4. After that normal users can not modify region timeline, one simply get message “you do not have permissions to accessa this page”. One can open layout and see the regions or even change size of regions. Groups are OK as they were on 1.6.3. I tried to remove rights and set them back, but it did not help. If I set “User Type” to “Super Admin”, then it works. I also tried to greate new user and set its group, but this did not help either. Any ideas?

So to see/edit layout

Minimum permissions:

Page Security:
Homepage and login*

Menu Security

and permissions to view/edit for a specific layout (with checkbox ‘Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media.’)
That should do the trick.

Group has rights you mentioned and user belongs to the group. I removed rights with option ‘Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media.’ and rights diappeared completely and user could not access that at all. But setting rights back, there is same situation: Can open layout, see regions, but not edit them. Also regions shows empty.

I forgot to mention that user can create new layout, but one can not either add any region on it.

Are you sure that you checked both view and edit permissions to this layout?

Basically the below options + page security content should allow user to see and edit layout (also create new one add regions)

For testing purposes I’ve created new user and new user group with permissions as described in my previous message and it did work.

I am sure. I also had delete and tested if I remove it, but it did not help.

Did you set permission for group only or for group and user? I have e.g. Page Security defined on group only.

Now I found it. I had to uncheck all “page security” for group and then recheck them. Now it seem to work.

There is no need no set the same permissions on both group and the user in this case.
I’ve set permissions for page and menu security only for group the same for view edit for specific layout. (although you can give the same permissions to user it shouldn’t matter in this case).

Without ‘content’ in page security you should see ’ you don’t have permissions to…’ in every region in your layout.
Without ‘Update these permissions on all layouts, regions and media.’ regions should be empty - so it seems you have a problem with this for some reason.

EDIT: oh cool, I didn’t see your last reply, that’s good to hear, you will be happy to know that in 1.8 permissions are ‘a little bit’ reworked much more user friendly and well just better.


Sadly that may happen sometimes after an upgrade, I am glad that now it’s fine.

Thanks for help. Needed small steps to test how to get rights back. Actually on old bug database there was similar report, but I only tested same with layout not with group security. Hopefully this helps some other.