Adroid player lost content external php page

Hi there,

I have for the football club a xibo installation with 2 android players.
I run a schedule with 12 layouts, tree pictures, 2 video’s and 7 webpages.
For all layouts i have a default background and static regions.

The seven php webpages are loaded in a region in the layout.
De php pages are coming from an external webhost (http).
When i start the android box the webpages are shown in the region.
But after a 3 circle runs on the player, the external content is not shown anymore.
After i reset the android box same … 3 cicles … content external webpage gone …

Anyone a solution ?



Hi Lacfrisia, welcome to the Xibo Community, sorry that you have not had a response to this post.

Could you confirm:

  • What version of the Xibo for Android player you are using?
  • What version of Xibo CMS you are using?
  • Are there any errors being returned when the webpages stop playing in the Logs section of your CMS or on the Status Logs window on the player itself?

Many Thanks.

Ola Dennis,

Paginas Web PHP so funcionam se o player android estiver ONLINE, se o player perder a conexão com a internet (Ofline) o layout não sera exibido.


Problem was the android player.
The android player MXQ pro did not work great with the xibo software.
I have the setup now stable with the Mini M8S II boxes.

The cms is 2.0.1. with older android player software version 2.00.



Player was online… but lost connection after time.

Thanks for updating the post Dennis and glad you now have a stable setup once the hardware was changed.

Many Thanks.

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