Adjacent priority events

I found a very interesting issue with scheduling adjacent priority events. Here is the scenario:

  • There is a standard roll configured for entire year
  • A series of 10-minute priority events is scheduled: 18:10-18:20; 18:20-18:30; 18:30-18:40; 18:40-18:50; 18:50 - 19:00; 19:00 - 19:10; 19:10-19:20, and so on.

The problem appears at full hour. during the hour, displays will show priority events one after other. But at full hour (19:00) displays switch back to standard roll. Events 19:00-19:10; 19:10-19:20; 19:20-19:30 will never be displayed.

Changing/updating any event after 19:00 will bring back priority events and they will be shown on screens. Until 20:00.

We are on version 1.7.10 (hosting solution from Spring Signage Ltd.)

Any clue?

That seems rather odd to me.

Do you have different layouts in each 10min window?

You could consider creating a campaign with them, adjust the layout durations to be about 10min and then schedule this campaign - that should make the schedule look and perhaps work better in your case.

I’d also like to see your schedule.xml file if you’re windows players.

If you could send me your CMS Instance name over private message I can have a look as well.