Adding URL for events board

We have an events board which we update via our website and this automatically updates other dashboards around our hub (office) We have a URL from the API documentation which is used for the dashboard. Are you able to insert this type of URL and it will pick up the events we have put up and display this within a region?

What kind of URL is it?

If it’s accessible in the browser, then you should be able to put it in either webpage or embedded html module in Xibo.

No its not accessible as when I insert the URL (into a webpage region) its requesting I put in a username and password in.

URL is reading from the API of our coworking software.

Then you need to be able to pass it the username and password or an authentication token somehow. You don’t want to run around 100 displays typing in usernames and passwords.

So your api should allow for something like this: -or- (better)