Adding new user


I added a new user and logged in as that user. But when I try to schedule I couldn’t find any displays in the list. How can I schedule from the new user?

You need to give the user edit permission for the displays they are allowed to schedule on.

Hi Alex,

I have created new user in xibo. But when I login I’m getting the following error

Usertype is given as GroupAdmin and homepage as Icon Dashboard.
Kindly help me with this. Thank you.

You’ve not given the user permission to view the dashboard page

Thank you Alex… I got it now :smile:


In xibo there is an option to select the type of homepage for users like status dashboard, media dashboard and icon dashboard. If I have to add a new homepage like localuser_dashboard.php, where should I update the details? How can I include local user dashboard option along with the other 3 homepages in the dropdown list provided for homepage selection?

Thank you.

Have a look at the code and see where that page is generated - and that will tell you where to add it in the database etc

Hi Alex,
I have added new homepage in the dropdown list. Also, created localuserdashboard.class.php(in lib/pages) and localuser_dashboard(in theme/default/html). but I’m getting an error when I use this new dashboard as homepage (error : There has been an application error.You do not have permission to access this page.)
Is there anything else I’m missing ?

You need to add your page in to the permissions system so that users have permission to access it