Adding new client status column in Dashboard Display activity table

That means that the displays are shown as offline and that the maintenance script attempted to send emails for those displays alerting you to that. If you look in the CMS you’ll see the Logged In column change to a X

Now the Logged In status is X but its taking more than 30 minutes to get updated.

It doesn’t.

When the Player stops connecting, then 2 minutes after that, on the next run of the maintenance.php script it will be marked as not logged in any more.

Even I tried as you said but its not getting updated.

Hi Alex,

We have checked the logged in value. It is updating only after 15 minutes . It is taking time only for updating the value when the player is turned off but when the player is turned on it is updating instantly.

It will update instantly when a player comes online, because the action of it coming online updates it. When it’s going offline then it’s the absence of the player connecting that triggers it, so it by definition cannot be instantaneous.