Adding media to an existing Playlist

CMS Version 3.0.7


I hope someone can clear something up for me. Is there a way to add media to a non-dynamic playlist after it has been created?

In the manual, it says:

Editing Playlists

Playlists are edited independently to Layouts, so there is no need to access or edit the Layout(s) the Playlist has been added to.

  • To edit content on the Playlist use the row menu from the Playlist grid and select Timeline to open the Playlist editor.

Changes will be available in the system straight away ready to be picked up by Players on their next collection, with no need to make any edits to Layouts!

If you select Timeline from the row menu, you can change the order of the widgets and delete them, but I can’t see a way to add anything. If you select Edit from the row menu, there is nowhere in those options to add anything either, the filter tab says ‘Filter options are not available on a Playlist which isn’t dynamic.’

If this is not currently possible, could it be added as a feature request?

Hi NSCJon,

You should be able to add further widgets using the toolbar at the bottom of the screen - as can be seen in the following example image:

Kind Regards,

I knew I must be missing something!

Thanks for clearing that up for me Frazer :blush:

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