Added layout /upload file

Hi there
we are a company in denmark and we are testing your product.
first when we try to creat the layout we get this error Unexpected data found. Unexpected data found. Data missing
when we try to opload a layout we get " You have exceeded your library quota " but we have 1T for that user
we are using a virtuelle appliance and the xibo is runing in ubuntu 16,4

What Xibo CMS version are you using please?

Hi peter
we are using Version 1.8.0

This was a very first 1.8 series release, I’d highly recommend upgrade to 1.8.2 (or if you want to wait to 1.8.3 which should be released relatively soon).

what is teh best way to upgarde it

Depends on your installation, if it’s running on docker or not and if not do you want it to, all those variants are linked here -