Added a new user to test functionality. All media changed to red X, even for superadmin who is also media owner

I have no idea what, why, or how to fix this. It’s hosted Xibo in the cloud. The layouts are turned into red X’s as well. The screenshot attached shows it, and I’m logged in as the user kmedia.

Hi welcome to the community.

As you are hosting in our cloud you get access to our support helpdesk as part of the service so please do Open a Ticket with our helpdesk so that one of the team can take a closer look for you.

Thank you

The root cause of this has been tracked down and will be fixed in 3.1.3:

In the interim, we’d strongly advise not using the Tidy Library button found on the Settings page of the CMS. The button on the Media page of the CMS is unaffected.

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