Add warning that the maintenance script isn't being run (see full discussion)

The maintenances script show be auto-call when the CMS receive other type of web request.

For example, similar script are call on WordPress installation on the first access from an external client.

I know it will be less precise in term of WHEN that a plan corn job, but for small installation where the script is use for the log deletion and the statistic update it may be enough.

At the same time it could be a protection again a cron job that stop running
In the maintenance section we could add a safety activation field every X that will go with this logic.
This will not prevent the use of the cron job when the need exist.

It’s not reliable or sensible.

The maintenance script can take minutes to run at times, so that would hold up the request. Also not all CMS instances are accessed all the time.

The maintenance script needs to be called on a schedule as we set out in the guide for the CMS to work efficiently. Adding extra calls to it only increases the CMS memory and CPU footprint for no further gain.

I was probably not clear, but you point is clear.

My objective was something like : is the script has not run for 2 day and the CMS get call then start the scripts.

If was not to run it all the time and I was thinking it could be unsync with the page loading.
Now, it may not be possible to start the script and not having for it to finish, I’m not a PhP programmer.

You right it a bad idea.

I understand you want the CMS page load to be there to catch the scenario where it’s not being regularly run. Unfortunately it must be regularly run to work properly, so running it occasionally will cause more problems than it solves I’m afraid.

Thanks for taking the time to suggest it though.

What we probably should have (now the maintenance script is becoming more important) is a warning that gets displayed on the CMS console if it hasn’t been run recently.

If you’re happy I’ll change the post title to reflect that and leave this open for future development.


It good for me.

Thanks you