Add/remove images from all layouts at the same time


I’m running Xibo 1.7.4 on several displays. Each display has its own layout. Each layout has 2 regions. The top region is a title bar which is different for each display. The bottom region, however, are all the same and has a set of images that rotate (much like a powerpoint presentation).

Is there a way to add and remove images from all of the displays’ bottom region at the same time? Right now, I manually add new images to each layout. When I want to remove a particular image, I retire it from each layout manually as well.

Thank you in advance!


If those are new images (that are not replacing existing images) then I’m afraid you will have to do it manually - replacing a file in cms library can replace it on all layouts the ‘old’ file was assigned to.

side note: it would be good to update the CMS to at least 1.7.9 and players to 1.7.9(Windows) 1.7R64(Android).

I use a web page to display the images as slide show. Then assign the web page to all the region.


Almond Wong