Add Playlist->Filters has conflicting labels

Sorry I am not clear what the issue is here?

As shown in the screenshot, two explanatory labels for what you’re doing conflict:

One says the assignment is not automatically maintained, and the other, talking about the same thing, near as I can tell, says it is automatically maintained.

[ A screenshot I saw elsewhere suggests maybe it is automatic, and the labelling was fixed in 3.3.2? ]

Its obvious now that you’ve explained it, thank you.

Issue here:

“changes when Dynamic is selected”… presumably, somewhere else in the workflow? Not on that tab, right?

Indeed, on the first tab where you pick whether you’re creating a dynamic playlist or not. In the longer term we could make this two distinct options?

  • Create Playlist
  • Create Dynamic Playlist

My inclination is to say that the first tab should only say whether it’s Dynamic, and whether it’s dynamic should just be a factor of whether there are any defined filter lines on the second tab or not; no separate checkbox.

Is there a use-case for having filters defined but not being dynamic?

If so, leave it a manual checkbox, but move it to the Filter tab.

We will make it clearer somehow. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can prepopulate the list on creation

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