Add new Display missing

Hi Everyone,

new here
I was asked to add a new display to Xibo but unable to find any add button in Display but is available in Display Group.
FYI, I do not know how to resolve this as the person that set this Xibo up is no longer around.
All I know is it’s Version 1.7.9.

Can anyone help?

Hello and welcome to the Community!

Displays are added from the Player and not the CMS (hence no Add button). On installing the Player you will be asked to provide the CMS Address and Key which will make the connection to the CMS. Once connected Displays will then be shown in the CMS.

Select your chosen Player from the Player Installation guides to help you.

The CMS key can be found from the Settings menu under the Administration section of the CMS menu.

On another note, v1.7.9 is a very old version, we are currently on v3.0.3, so you may want to think about an upgrade to a newer version so that you benefit from bug fixes and security patches:
Release Support

Any further questions then please do come back to us.

Thank you

Thank you for your prompt reply will try it out.
I also don’t know how to upgrade this version as it is installed in centos vm with no GUI only with commands.
Also, no update tab in Xibo left panel menu. If can just update from Xibo panel would be great.

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