Add Media Tags via XiboAPI

Hi everyone,
I am currently using a script to add media with the XiboApi. The thing is that I would like add a description and the name of the person that uploaded it. Since there is no description or name field in the Edit Image, I though I could simply put it in the Tag field.
I’ve search through the API and couldn’t find any function to add a tag from a script.
Can someone help me ?

Thank you :smile:


Unfortunately you can’t at the moment - you will be able to when the API comes out of the BETA in 1.8

Thanks for the quick answer Dan !
Ah and by the way you wouldn’t know when the 1.8 BETA version will be available by any chance ? :wink:


We are hoping to have an alpha out by the end of august… but there is a lot to do :confounded:

Haha no pressure
Keep the good work, it’s a really good job you have done so far.

Thanks once more !

Hey Vaudet, could you share the scripts you use to uptadate media using the api :p?
I have been trying to do it lately with no success.

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