Add "global" marquee

First of all, Xibo in v. 1.8.0 is really nice and works great!

But there’s someting we’re missing in Xibo. We use the singage tool on a screen in the entrance of our office to show some images and videos. But sometimes, when we have visitors coming to our place, we need to add a marquee text showing some important information. It would be nice, if somehow there would be the possibility to add such a marquee which is displayed on top of the actual campaign.

Maybe, there’s such a thing already implemented and I’ve just couldn’t find it. If so, could anyone please explain me how to do it? :blush:

This is already implemented with Overlay Layouts.

Basically, design the “Marquee” of your choice, and then schedule it as an Overlay rather than as a Layout/Campaign.

Note however the Windows Player has poor support for overlapping regions so the results you get with a Windows Player will be mixed.

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