Add desktop or application to layout

I’m very new to Xibo, I just completed setup for 8 TV’s yesterday. On 2 of the TV’s we would like to display an application that is installed on the computer that is attached to the tv.

Is it possible to have Xibo switch focus to that application for say 30 seconds and then return to being the active window?

I’ve searched the user manual and have not turned anything up. I’m open to other ways of accomplishing this. The application simply shows current phone queue’s. We currently have no way of connecting to the application via API.

That isn’t supported. You can show any of the widgets supported in the CMS, but external applications can’t be directly embedded like that I’m afraid.

While it is not supported I did find a suitable solution which I will post for others looking to do the same thing. I created a layout that used the shell command module to launch an autohotkey script that I wrote and compiled into an exe.

The script went something like this(I don’t have it in front of me)

WinHide Xibo
WinActivate (Name of program)
Sleep 30000
WinShow Xibo

After 30 seconds , the script unhides Xibo and the timeline continues. Obviously I set the duration of the shell command in the timeline to be 30 seconds.


Thanks, JaredSi! This was a great help. Much appreciated.

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