Access to schedule


We created users assigned to a group user. When trying to acces the Schedule menu with one of theses users, there is a gearing icon showing (see the print below) and the user can’t access to (not even see) the events already scheduled.

We gave full access to the group user in the page security as well as in the displays’ permissions, without results.
I read about Menu Security in other topics but I’m not able to find it in 1.8.1 version.

Has someone an answer to this, please ?


From the looks of your navigation menu on the left, I’d say this user has a lot of permissions, I don’t think permissions are an issue here.

Could you please tell me, can you access the schedule page for that display on your main super admin account or is it the same as in the attached screenshot?

Did you create dayparts then used them in an event and then deleted the daypart? If so, then it could be this bug -

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your help.
Yes I had acces with my super admin account. And indeed, I created an event with a Daypart. I just deleted this event and now the other users can see the scedule.

Thanks again.