Access to just display status

I want to create an admin who can just see whether the content is up to date in all displays or not (the display status tick mark). I don’t want to give access to add new displays and modify/delete existing displays. I could create a user that has access to all the displays but this user has permissions to add new displays and modify/delete existing.
How can I create such a user?

So you will want to create a user, make sure that user is only in a new user group (without additional permissions) - the default ‘Users’ user group has additional permissions.

Then you will want to assign permissions either to that user or that user group (if you plan to have more users with such permissions that might be better option).

Minimum permissions to view assigned displays without option to edit them:

Page security
Homepage and Login

Menu Security
Display Menu
Top Nav

And View permissions to displays on Displays page

Thanks Peter! This works.
Can I also add “Request Screenshot” option with just view rights? Currently, only “Media Inventory” option is available.

Request screenshot feature is tied to ‘Edit’ permission, so unfortunately with just a ‘View’ permission you will not have access to it.

Unless, I make changes in the source code…

Yes, although those changes would be lost on upgrade. If you did want to look at that you would find the button output in the display.class.php file in pages/ folder

thanks Dan! we modified the code…