Access Denied in Layouts created from Template

I’m facing some difficulties with users permissions. I want to create a Template as group admin and allow the regular users of the group generate layouts from that template and add content from library into them. I’ve created a test Template as group admin and set permissions for viewing and editing that Template for the group. After that I’m logging as regular user, create a new layout from template, but I’m not able to add content from library. I’m having a Access Denied message.
The test template, is a very simple one with only one region full screen with no widgets on it. The CMS version is 1.8.2.
Appreciate if someone could help me on that matter.
Thank you,

Your user was able to access the template and create the layout from it? That’s fine then
As for adding content, your user would need to have permissions to library media page, then he will be able to upload new files, as for existing files in the library, you’d need to assign permissions to them individually.

Hi, @Peter

Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes, the user is able to select the template from the combo box and generate a new layout since I gave viewing and editing permissions to the whole group on that template. The users already have access to the library page, they can see their media files with no problem.

The problem happen only when a layout is created from the template. If the user create a layout from a standard resolution, he can add items from the library with no problem.

I don’t want to bother you, but if you be interested, I can give you the access to the CMS. It’s just a temporary test instance that I create at Azure.



Ah ok, I can see the problem, permissions are not saved correctly on regions (on layouts created from template).

If user creates a layout from template, then while he obviously has permissions to the layout (as owner no less), the assigned permissions to the regions that come with the template are ‘cleared’ and therefore he can’t add anything to those regions - he can create new region and that will work.

The workaround of some sorts is to assign view/edit permissions to this layout with ‘Cascade permissions to all items underneath this one.’ checkbox enabled, which funny enough your user can do as he’s the owner of this layout.
Once each region will have correct permissions as well, then it will work just fine ie user will be able to add content to it.

That’s obviously a bug, I will report it now, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Here is the reported bug -

Understood, Peter. Thank you for the info.

Regarding the workaround that you pointed me out, is there a way to do that without giving the users permission to Users Page? I dont want the regular users seeing all users of my system.

Thank you again.


Unfortunately no - unless you as an admin want add those permissions for them.

The good news is, when we fix it, user should only be able to see himself / other users in the same group on that permission page.

The bad news is, as you probably already know currently it shows a list of all users in the CMS, that’s another bug it is logged and should be fixed in 1.8.3 -

I see. For while I’ll fix the permission as admin as per user request.

Thank you for your support.