Access Daily Variable in First Section of Over-Ride Template of Forecast IO 5 Day

I would like to know how to access a Daily variable in the first section of the Over-Ride template option on the 5 Day forecast with icons.

If I go to the over-ride section below “Enter the template for the current forecast. Replaces [dailyForecast] in main template.” and enter “[sunsetTime]”, I get the time stamp. If I go to the section above and try to use “[sunsetTime]” it just outputs the text “[sunsetTime]”. Is there a way to use something like “[dailyforecast[sunsetTime]]” or “[dailyforecast][sunsetTime]”?

Sorry, at present the variables in the daily forecast are only available inside the “dailyForecast” section. Its a bit strange that the daily data doesn’t have sunset and sunrise mind you.

Perhaps we need a way to address each day independently?

Hum… Not even if I use javascript to call the PHP variable? I did that before on another layout but was using the information from currently. I just can’t figure out what the variable name would be. Something like data[‘daily’][‘data’][‘0’][‘sunriseTime’] or CDATA[data[0[sunriseTime]]]. I would think that it should be possible since all the data is used in the same layout.

Unfortunately not :unamused: the substitutions are performed server side and we only pass the daily forecast variables into the [dailyForecast] tag.

You’d have to do something around here:

To run $this->makeSubstitutions on the daily array you were interested in getting the sunrise from