Access a player from Xibo to delete files?

Hello. I have Xibo 1.6 with players and licenses Android Spring Signage. Is there any way to access a player from Xibo to delete files? I had some problems that no files are deleted automatically and run out of memory.
Is there any android APP you can install via the Internet to access and to manage files remotely?
Thank you

We’ve already replied to you in a ticket, just for everyone else interested in this topic.

You can’t access your android library from the CMS.
You can use software to remotely access your android device (need root access).
Since 1.6 R39 player should manage their own files just fine.
Xibo files on Android device are located in /data/data/ (on internal or external storage)
To access it on internal storage you’ll need a root access.

Details - Managing Storage on the Android Device

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