About Xibo log file

My hard disk was be filled due to log file too much,

The file “Xibo.log” >50GB,

and other Xibo-bin files size also bigger than 1GB,

I was used maintenance.php but can’t clear these log file.

or I can delete these log files directly?


You need to ensure maintenance is being run properly.

If the database has grown to 50GB then either you’ve turned off deleting old log records or it’s not being run properly.

So, connect to your MySQL and issue the commands:


That should clear up any log records in the database.

Then make sure that maintenance is being run properly and is set to clear old log records. Also be sure that your CMS is in Production mode (not test) and that auditing is off on the CMS itself and all your displays.

The XIBO-bin files look like MySQL binary logs to me. You’d need to configure MySQL differently to prevent those from being created. They aren’t directly created by Xibo at all.