About the Features category


Ideas for improvement and new features.


If you spot a bug :beetle: then please open a topic in the Support category. If you have developed a cool new feature or improvement in your Xibo fork, then create a topic here to discuss it and send us a pull request!

New Features

When considering new features, we like to have a blueprint for so that we can discuss the feature in more detail. This should be used to fully understand what the feature is, the user story, technical details and as a base for user documentation.

A blueprint template is available here: Blueprint Template


Project development occurs on GitHub.


We’d love to work with you and accept your contributions. For small changes like bug fixes, typos, etc. Please Fork Us and submit a pull request with the details of what you have changed.

For larger changes, you will have to electronically sign a statement that indicates two things:

  • You are willingly licensing your contributions under the terms of the open source license of the project that you’re contributing to.

  • You are legally able to license your contributions as stated.

This is called a Contributor Licence Agreement or “CLA” for short.

The standard licence for Xibo is the AGPL v3. For more information please see CONTRIBUTING.