About modifying Xibo's logo

Dear Xibo’s staff,

I am new to Xibo.
I have download Xibo CMS & Client (from the github at https://github.com/xibosignage & https://github.com/xibosignage/xibo-dotnetclient) to use internally in my company to manage company’s screens with some tiny modifications in the functions.
I have read the 3 major terms from Xibo as follow:

  1. The users know the software is free --> sure, since this app is used internally in my company, then all of the staff knows that the software is FREE
  2. The Copyright notices remain intact (Xibo is Copyright of the Xibo Developers, Daniel Garner, Alex Harrington and James Packer) --> I do not touch to the existed copyright notices
  3. The software (at all times) displays a link to the source code --> its ok
    Finally, my question is: after fulfillling all those 3 responsibilities above, can I change the Xibo’s logo/theme to my own company’s logo/theme?

Longing for your answer soon.
Thanks in advance,
Long Luu

You can make those changes (namely create a custom theme) as described here - http://xibo.org.uk/manual/en/advanced_theme.html

We also offer white label services for CMS (and players), if that would be of interest to you, please contact Spring Signage directly.

Hi Peter,

Thanks for your quick response.
Long Luu