503 service unavailable

I am getting this only from a linux player. Both Android and Windows Player connect and register without any problem. I set up a linux player on my Ubuntu laptop. It has internet and everything but keep getting 503 service unavailable only from this linux player

Is this the same as your other topic? Linux player connection refused ?

My questions from that topic still apply i’m afraid - we will need more information to understand what the problem might be. :pray:


No, I have installed another linux player on an Ubuntu laptop to test it. I am trying to connect it to the server and I get 503.
I can register android and windows player with no issues.


What happens if you navigate to the CMS URL using a browser on the new device?

A 503 is usually a service unavailable and points to a web server issue.
Xibo itself doesn’t issue 503’s.

Does your CMS have a reverse proxy infront?


Problem solved. We saw with a sniffer that the actual URL that is being sent from the Linux player is with port 80 at the end and we had to set something in our firewall.

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