403 error on text

Hi All.
I am totally new to Xibo, so learning on the job.
I am trying to add text / auto text (clock) on a layout but keep receiving a 403 error every time i try to save.

Any help would be helpful!

What CMS Version are you using please and if it is 1.8, are you using custom installation on a web server or is it docker installation?

If it’s manual installation, do you have /web in your CMS URL? If you do, then that implies configuration error and should be fixed first please - https://xibo.org.uk/docs/setup/prepare-your-environment
The XTR linked on that manual page is also critical for the system to work correctly, XMR (zeroMQ) is optional, however it’s very helpful.

HI Peter,
Many thanks for your response.
Yes the installation is manual, there is web in the url.
I could not work out how to use the docker on my windows cpanel hosting.

I will follow the instructions in the url you posted.