4.0.4 - not useable for us!

Hi Xibo,

we updated today the CMS to 4.0.4 and a Test-Player to Windows v4 R401.

Unfortunately a lot broke with this update, like the weather-widget doesnt display anymore, RSS-feeds are gone or all digital clocks are now a analogue clock. Sometimes a Layout shows up for a split second and vanishes for the default-screen and never comes back.

And we REALLY miss the Calendar → “Show all” checkbox (we havent found this in 4.0.4):
Screenshot 2023-10-17 232858

Do you need more information, I havent tested everything in depth. This was a first general overlook but forced us immediately to a rollback.


We upgraded to CMS v4.x with similar results that all digital clocks turned to analog. Good news, we found if we replaced existing widget with Digital clock widget it worked properly. I’d recommend trying to rebuild layouts where widgets (e.g. weather widget) are not working properly after upgrade.

Overall, after a few upgrade hiccups we found this release to be stable.

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